Writing Coach


Why do I need a writing coach?

• Do you have a writing topic that you are passionate about sharing with the world, but feel overwhelmed by the process of starting and actually finishing a book?

• Do you need help in systematically planning and implementing your thoughts and ideas into writing?

• Would you benefit from having someone keep you accountable in your writing goals?

If any of this sounds helpful, this service will be perfect for you.

As your writing coach, Joseph Giuffrida will work with you to design a winning plan for the creation of your book, organize your project, determine a schedule, and select a completion date to work towards.

He will discuss with you the stages of your writing project, including an initial outline, explore any obstacles as well as resources that you may have, assist in developing revised outlines, and prepare you for the editing process.

Essentially as a writing coach, his mission is to assist you in developing a clear and compelling premise, determine the intended audience, and champion you to produce a coherent and captivating narrative.

By the end of your sessions, you can explore options for next steps – from editing, to formatting for self-publishing, to cover design!

Contact us here to get more information and get started with a Writing Coach.