Cover Design


The Book Cover Design Process

1. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve finished a book! Whew. Deep breath. NOW let’s get you one step closer to seeing the finished product.

2. GET IN TOUCH and TELL US ALL ABOUT YOUR BOOK. Your cover is about YOUR story and we want to hear in your own words, the heart and soul of your work. We don’t use pre-made templates for our covers; yours will be custom designed by one of our designers. Tasked with visually interpreting your book, we will ask you to share detailed information, including a synopsis, settings, main character descriptions (if applicable) and themes so as to best conceptualize and represent the heart of the book. The design process will begin once you read and agree to our Terms and Conditions and pay a deposit of half the total cost of the project. Choose one of the three design packages here.

3. COVER REVISION When the first draft of your book cover is complete, we will e-mail you a proof and work with you to zero in on the right design concept that matches your vision. We offer unlimited revisions once the main concept design is chosen, at which point we will work to perfect the cover. We want you to be happy with your cover. Please keep in mind – it’s okay if your not thrilled with the initial concept designs – these serve as a starting point and will help your designer figure out how to create something you will love.

4. We will work with you on a TIMELINE for when the cover will be finished. It is hard to estimate an exact time frame – it depends on certain factors which we will talk through in our initial communication. Please figure around 2-3 weeks depending on what is required. Contact us here to get started.