Unlocking Originality in Writing


It’s commonly believed among the literati that anyone who has reached the age of 18 has had enough experience in life to write the great American novel.

A provocative claim that has the power to change the way you see your potential in writing, doesn’t it? What makes this possible and what short-circuits the writing process for so many? What keeps that originality from finding its way to your brain and spilling out all over your word processor?

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“How do I Know what I Think, until I See what I Say…”

I was a late-blooming college freshman at the age of 35 in an English Education major at SUNY Oneonta, New York, when I first came across the “title” quote attributed to E.M Forster. Immediately, I was captivated. I felt a surge of energy buzzing through me as I connected with what Forster was saying, because I was uncovering the same thing:

The writing process is a mining operation of the mind.

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