About Us

Here at wanderWowl, we savor words and cultivating ideas that “pack a punch.” We are fired up about the great responsibility our written communication has to radically change and inspire others.

Literary giant, J.R.R Tolkien so geniously expressed, “Not all who wander are lost…”

Our wanderings make us who we are and give us something to say of value to the world around us, even those mundane ordinaries, painful lows and occasional bright and shiny highs.

We recognize you have a story and we want to champion your voice. Your experiences laced through fiction or non-fiction have the ability to inspire, instruct, caution and even redirect the masses.

Here you will find thought-provoking articles on the writing craft, services that include editing, a personal writing coach to encourage you to greatness and our design services to create beautiful and compelling cover design to help launch your contribution to the world in stellar form…

We are so pleased you stopped by today and hope you will partner with us on this journey!

Introducing Our Team

Jeanine-profilepicMeet Jeanine.

Hello friendlies. I am passionate about designing print and digital media, promotional design and content writing for blogging. In my spare time I can usually be found writing vast amounts of fiction, mentoring young people, globe trotting to make the world a better place, taking walks around charming landscapes and living everyday with purpose and passion. I have a degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Pennsylvania and have worked in the design field for eight years.


Meet Joe.

I am deeply committed to the art and craft of writing, after all, our language is the medium of thought – greater expertise in language equals greater ability to think widely and deeply about our world. But equally as important is the ability to translate our experience to others in the most expressive way possible. So expression is the goal, let’s do it with passion! Your impulse to express can be manifest as a memoir, a tapestry, an essay on why living off the grid prolongs life on planet earth, reading your poem at an open mike session, an abstract painting of your vegetable garden, a letter to the PTA to give 10 reasons why every student should have an IEP, an artichoke quiche, or an informal book review for the leader of your book club to suggest a good read. Whatever the case, we live to express, and we express to live. A little bit about me: I have a Masters degree in English Education, and Reading as well. My undergraduate degree was 142 credit-hour preparation for an interdisciplinary experience that would not be limited to just education and language. I was an  American Board Certified Orthotist for 10 years working with sports and spinal injuries and deformities. Most recently I’ve worked as a logistics analyst on a government CBRN systems and their maintenance manuals.  I have been a finger style guitarist for 40 years and a freelance watercolor and acrylic artist for about the same time. Google my name with “artist” in the field and you’ll see my work on various sites. I am a published author with Innovo Publishing and have been editing written language for a very long time. It’s something of a passion with me.


Meet Joseph.

Hello! I am passionate about coaching clients in writing development, personal and leadership growth and goal setting to accomplish personal dreams. I love hanging out with my beautiful wife Staci and we enjoy traveling, cooking, laughing, dancing, and loving people through hospitality and intentional relationship. I am a certified life coach, have a Masters degree in Theology/Pastoral Leadership, have self-published three books, and enjoy playing music with local bands.